Digital experience. Talented frontend development. That's Digitalented

If you're looking for frontend web development with a strong focus on web standards and accessibility, you've found the right place. We live and breathe this, so maybe we can share some of our enthusiasm with you?

With over 20 years' experience building web sites, there's very little we haven't seen on the web, good and bad. We've seen technologies become the latest 'must-have' fad, then seen them fall by the wayside. We've watched as the industry has matured, standards have developed and best practices have been established. We've also seen the sheer range of frontend technologies, platforms and tools positively explode; it can often be a confusing place!

But one thing remains true, regardless of the tools you use or the languages you choose to code in: a well-structured, properly marked up web page is the foundation that everything else sits on top of. It's the same approach we took in building this site (clean markup, fully accessible, and super fast).

With Digitalented on board, we'll ensure that no matter what other technology distractions there may be, the focus will always be what's best for the customer.

Digitalented is run by Ian Lloyd (Opens in a new window), a long-standing evangelist in the world of web standards and accessibility. He is the author, co-author and technical author on a number of books on the topic of building and designing web sites. His book Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS (Opens in a new window) has sold over 60,000 printed copies and has been the kick-starter for many web professionals' careers.