About this site

It's one thing for us to make claims about how we can improve your web site's accessibility or improve the page performance, but how can you be sure of such claims? Well, the old saying "practice what you preach" comes to mind right about now.

While this may not be the most technically complex site, it does tick all of the boxes that need ticking:

Lighthouse web performance report showing excellent scores across 5 categories
  • It's responsive and will work on the smallest mobile screen right up to large desktop
  • It's 100% accessible - check this with your accessibility validation tool of choice and see for yourself. Properly marked up pages with correct headings, legible text, images with appropriate alt attributes
  • It's fast. Minimal use of JavaScript, scalable vector graphics (SVG), next generation image formats (WebP) which offer greater file savings, sensible caching policies and very few http requests. If that means anything to you, you'll know this all adds up to a fast download.
  • And speaking of minimal JavaScript, one thing we have used it for is for a service worker. "What's one of those?" you may well ask. Well, what it does is let your browser cache important resources so even if you lose your connection, pages still load. Try it out - kill your connection temporarily then click on a page that you won't have visited, for example the privacy policy page (no-one actually reads these, right?)
  • Don't have JavaScript switched on? No problem, the site doesn't require JS to function either! This is the approach we try to take with any web development - start with a well marked up document that works on anything, then add styling, scripting as extras. Most people will get those extras, but some people actively choose not to for various reasons (security, minimising data usage).

Hopefully we've convinced you about our credentials. If so, we'd love to hear from you.