Our Services

With over 20 years' experience working on the web, Digitalented offers a breadth of knowledge in the web development sphere

Areas of specialism:

  • Solid, standards-based frontend development: this means well structured, semantic web pages that automatically give your audience - and search engines too - the best possible experience. Pages that work on the widest possible selection of browsers and devices, and even work when your connection drops unexpectedly.
  • Web accessibility services: accessibility, universal access, or even 'a11y' as experts in the field often refer to it. With Digitalented on your team, you can expect highly accessible web pages that meet (and surpass) the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines AA level. We've been building web sites, tools and components to these standards for years and can provide this service to you too.
  • Site performance: do your web pages load quickly? Or do you have issues with your pages that cause customers to wait longer to see your content than you would prefer (potentially risking them going to a competitor's site). And if you do, are you aware that Google will also penalise you for this, ranking your site lower in its search result listings? We have many years of experience dealing with such issues and can probably help you to streamline the delivery of content to the client. We'll get your page performance right up there with the very best!

Accessibility consultancy

Perhaps you're not looking for web development services with accessibility in mind, but instead are looking for consultancy or review services? Digitalented can provide accessibility reviews of your sites or new features still in development, or provide a helping hand to guide your existing developers to achieve a high level of accessibility competence in their day-to-day work. Whatever you feel you need, please get in touch to see how we can help.